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Entertainment is an important part of any party or event. From Children's Birthday Parties, to Black Tie Affairs, Daniel Pollack  provides you a variety of choices:

Have you ever thought of where Houdini got his start? Where did he first perform his magical feats of wonder and amazement? It was at...

Fairs And Festivals

Drawing in crowds of hundreds, even thousands with his escapes; amazing them with  illusions large and small; Making their visit to the fair or festival a magical experience people  remembered fondly the rest of their lives. What if you...

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 About Daniel Pollack

Daniel Pollack performs as "Houdini, Master Mystifier."

His uncanny likeness to Harry has been recognized by Houdini enthusiasts and magical entertainers the world over.

Recreating the presence of Houdini, Dan allows audiences of today to travel back in time and marvel at the magical miracles, illusions and escapes that Houdini performed a century ago.
People have been quoted to have said, "It was like I was watching Houdini perform magic right before my very eyes."

Daniel has delighted audiences with his magic on 3 continents and has shared the stage with the likes of Jim Carey, Andrew "Dice" Clay, John Denver, Jeff McBride and Mark Wilson.

Having performed for companies like Yamaha Music equipment, Magic Castle Productions and Northwestern Mutual Life, Daniel was honored to be selected to perform as Houdini at the first Houdini Days Festival in Appleton Wisconsin in 2003 and the following year in 2004.    

 Daniel continues to delight audiences with his magical performances at carnivals, fairs, festivals, corporate events, and special occasions.

Daniel Attends

McBride's Magic and Mystery School

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Daniel Pollack
Magician Extraordinaire


Phone: 414-378-0933

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Daniel Pollack Performs

The Magic of



A crowd of over 2,000 gathered in the street and watched as Daniel recreated Houdini's Escape from 100 feet of rope while tied to a chair; which was a featured escape in Houdini's Movie, "The Master Mystery."Daniel's mission is to share the wonders of magic with the world and to keep the memory of Houdini alive in peoples minds for this generation and generations to come.































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